Louise Michaud Photographer


Portrait of photographer Louise Michaud.

Louise Michaud, Master Photographer, of Salem, MA. has specialized in photographing portraits, social events (including weddings), products and architectural interiors for over 2 decades.

Louise is considered to be one of the best photographers on the North Shore of Boston and has received numerous awards. Her photography has been widely featured in a vast number of magazines and books. Louise has lectured on behalf of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and has spoken at events across the United States.

Louise has been able to take her award-winning style into the classroom, teaching digital photography classes to professionals and hobbyists alike. In addition to being the cofounder of Derby Studios and owner of Louise Michaud Photographer, Louise has founded a startup called Pictures from the Sky, an aerial photography company.

Louise grew up in Salem, Massachusetts, and received her BFA in Visual Design from Southeastern Massachusetts University. Since then, she has been awarded the Photographic Craftsmen Degree, a Master of Photography Degree, and became a Certified Professional Photographer, all through Professional Photographers of America.